Empowering landlords with financial services and property insights

Who We Are

Zibo is radically improving financial services for independent landlords, helping them save time, improve cash flow and grow their portfolio

Between the headaches of rent collection and the red tape of traditional banks, insurance providers and mortgage brokers, landlords today know that the finances of owning a rental property are anything but “passive” income.

Zibo provides access to world-class banking, lending, insurance and insights— all tailored to the unique needs of rental property owners. Our competitive and transparent financial services platform empowers independent landlords to save time, improve returns, and provide quality housing for millions of people.

The Zibo founders have decades of experience across the real estate, financial services, and technology industries. Together, they saw an opportunity to help address the very pain points they experienced first-hand as landlords.

Leadership Team
Chris Hsu
Co-Founder & CEO
Before founding Zibo, Chris served as CEO of enterprise software company Micro Focus. Prior to that, he was COO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he successfully led the largest corporate separation in history. Previously, Chris spent nearly 15 years in leadership roles at top consulting firms, including KKR and McKinsey, after completing his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management