Banking designed for landlords

A bank account built to save you time and money.

Get 1% cash back1
with the Zibo debit card
Business debit card for landlords— unlimited rewards
  • Earn 1% cash back on signature-based Zibo debit card transactions.
  • Unlimited earnings without any category limits.
  • Easily redeem cash back rewards with automatic depositing into your accounts. Learn more
FDIC Stamp FDIC Stamp Mobile
Zibo checking accounts earn 3.75X the national average3 with no monthly fees and no monthly minimum balance.
Banking services provided by LendingClub Bank, N.A., Member FDIC**.
The landlord checking account
The only interest-bearing landlord checking account that helps you tag transactions to stay organized, manage cash flow and even help prepare documents for financial loans.
A better way to pay bills
As you pay bills, Zibo helps you tag them to Schedule E categories and assign them to properties to make tax season easier.
Zibo debit card
With a Zibo debit card, you can deposit or withdraw cash or checks at more than 300,000 ATMs nationwide.
move money
Online and offline banking
Zibo is the only landlord solution that handles both online rent collection and physical checks. Landlords can use ZiboPay to collect rent online, or deposit physical checks — both personal checks and cashier’s checks — into a Zibo bank account using their phone.
Unlock all your cash
Use your Zibo bank account to manage and move money across all your bank accounts — where you need it, when you need it — with one log on.
security deposit
Keep security deposits organized
Simple tools to organize and track your tenants’ payments separate from your security deposits — and earn interest while doing it.
Automate rent collection
Always get paid on time and minimize frustration by allowing tenants to set up recurring payments linked to any of your bank accounts
Visualize rent payment status
Zibo’s rent dashboard provides real-time payment status so you always know who has paid and who hasn’t. Take action directly from the dashboard
Accept multiple payment forms
80% of tenants prefer to pay electronically. ZiboPay enables tenants to pay rent via debit card, credit card or ACH transfer directly to your bank account
Manage all property accounts in one place
Get full visibility with all of your property bank accounts in one place. Tag transactions by property for Schedule E classification to simplify tax prep
Safe and Secure
Chartered Bank Partner
Security, Data & Privacy Protection


At Zibo, your data privacy and security is paramount. Zibo has built security protections and privacy controls to exceed the highest industry standards. We use the most advanced encryption technology and layered protection to keep your data safe and we’ve partnered with the most secure providers who process billions of transactions a day. Your privacy is our top priority and we will not sell your data to a third party without your express consent.

At Zibo, we go to great lengths to keep all of your sensitive information safe.

Account numbers and routing numbers are stored using bank level AES-256 encryption on our servers. In addition, all traffic goes over SSL to prevent third parties from eavesdropping on your connection. Employee access is heavily restricted and we require background checks on all employees.

You can verify your account in just a few minutes by entering your bank account credentials. You may be familiar with this process if you’ve ever verified a bank account on Paypal or similar services. These banking credentials are never sent to Zibo, but are shared with an integrated, trusted third-party, Plaid Technologies, Inc., to facilitate instant account verification. This service may store the provided credentials for verification purposes or use them on a per-transaction basis for fraud prevention, and to help verify a sufficient balance is available to process your transaction.

Opening and maintaining a Zibo bank account is free. We also have no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Zibo aims to remove all of the fees that eat away and real estate investors returns while providing tailored tools for landlords without costly monthly subscriptions.

We are required to evaluate submitted applications to verify that they meet Zibo account opening criteria. For our customers’ protection and security, each account goes through a validation process to prevent fraud and meet all anti-money laundering criteria. Accounts typically take less than 48 hours to be evaluated. If we require additional data from you, the Zibo support team will reach out via email.
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