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3 Founders, 1 Vision: Why We’re Bringing FinTech to Landlords

Zibo Team


After Chris Hsu served in the army, where he gained invaluable leadership experience as a Captain, he returned home and was looking for a way to support his family. He decided to invest in property and become a landlord to generate income.

Introducing Zibo: Radically Improving Independent Landlords’ Financial Services Experience

Zibo Team


Independent landlords today are feeling pressure from all sides. While the U.S. rental market in 2019 is a healthy one, with vacancy rates hitting a two-decade low, independent landlords are forced to compete with institutional investors. These massive companies are buying up—or building—an increasing number of properties. That means less inventory at higher prices for independent landlords looking to expand their real estate investments. Not to mention that these institutional investors have a leg up in the market, with access to more, cheaper capital; lower insurance rates; and software tools that do everything from automate time-consuming processes to predict which properties will make the best investment.