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FREE financial tools for independent landlords to stay organized,
save time and achieve passive income

FREE financial tools for independent landlords
to stay organized,save time and achieve
passive income

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Organize your finances
Manage all your bank accounts, rent payments, deposits, and expenses in one secure platform to get a complete picture of your finances and save time.
Simplified rent collection
Help tenants pay rent on time with flexible payment options like bank transfer, debit card, and credit card. You can also deposit checks using your smart phone into a Zibo bank account. Learn more
Manage cash flow
View, manage and move money — where you need it, when you need it. As you pay bills, Zibo helps you tag them to tax categories and properties.
Zibo checking for landlords
Earn 3.75X the national average interest rate* with no monthly fees and no minimum balance. FDIC insured**. Simply the smartest bank accounts designed for landlords. Learn more
Simplify tax preparation
As you pay bills, Zibo helps you tag them to Schedule E categories and assign them to properties to make taxes simpler than ever.
Safe and Secure
Chartered Bank Partner
Security, Data & Privacy Protection
Why landlords love Zibo
I like how it does track my properties. It does track the rent, it does track the value. It just has everything in one easy place. It's very convenient to access. It doesn't take long to get online at all. Then, everything is just right there.
Zibo made it so easy to collect rent. The site felt secure and I set up my account in minutes. Love that I can see all my rent & deposits in one consolidated view. Now my rent goes right into my bank account and my tenant is happy too. Highly recommend.
Zibo is amazing. They provide great tools for all your rental property needs and then some. Zibo not only found great insurance coverage and rates for our rental but also saved us money on our existing home and auto insurance. Highly recommend for new and experienced investors.
In an intimidating and expensive process, Zibo provided expertise, inspired confidence, and guided us through the complicated task of getting insurance, particularly since we are first-time homebuyers. Zibo simplified the process and stripped away the unnecessary complication in an industry desperately in need of disruption!


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Zibo is free for landlords. Renters may send rent payments via bank transfer (ACH) for free. Renters also have the option to pay by debit or credit card for a 2.99% convenience fee. For more information please see our Pricing page

With Zibo, renters can make payments with a debit or credit card, or by sending ACH (bank transfer) payments directly from a bank account.

Payments will be processed on business days (Monday-Friday). Weekends and bank observed holidays are not considered business days in the payment processing timeline. See a list of bank observed holidays.

Zibo’s processing time is typically 2-3 business days which is a full 2 days faster than most other digital rent collection platforms. The Zibo rent collection dashboard will update payment status to “Processing” as soon as a tenant initiates a payment, allowing landlords to know immediately when a payment has been made. It usually takes 2 business days for Zibo to receive notification that a payment has been successfully debited from a tenant account and then one additional day for that payment to deposit and post to the landlord account.

If it is the first time that a landlord receives a payout to a bank account, the transaction will take 7 business days. Weekends and bank observed holidays are not considered business days in the payment processing timeline. So if a renter initiates a payment on a Monday and it is a normal two day weekend, the landlord will receive the payment nine days later on a Tuesday. This is the time it takes to validate the first transaction in order to protect both tenants and landlords from fraud. If a renter is setting up Zibo for the first time with a bank account, they must verify their bank account before a payment may be processed. These measures help to ensure the integrity and security of payment processing for both landlords and renters.

It is free for renters to pay by bank transfer. Renters pay a 2.99% fee for card payments. It is free for landlords to receive bank transfers and card payments.
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