Collect rent online securely, for free

Automate online payments and get paid on time with fast payouts.

Automate online payments and get paid on time with fast payouts.

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Free, easy setup to automate your rent
Enable renters to pay online
80% of tenants want to pay rent online. Zibo enables landlords to securely accept multiple payment methods online including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers—for free.
Access to Zibo Banking
The only interest-bearing landlord checking account that helps you tag transactions to stay organized, manage cash flow and even help prepare documents for financial loans.
Get paid faster with ZiboPay
ZiboPay automatically deposits rent into any bank account in as fast as 2-3 days, for free.
Notifications and reminders
Know the status of your rent payment as soon as your tenant sends it. You can also track your tenants’ full payment history on Zibo.
Easy setup for renters
Reduce tenant turnover and increase loyalty by making it easy for tenants to pay. Tenants can send secure payments right from their phone.
Automate rent collection
Always get paid on time and minimize frustration by allowing tenants to set up recurring payments linked to any of your bank accounts
Visualize rent payment status
Zibo’s rent dashboard provides real-time payment status so you always know who has paid and who hasn’t. Take action directly from the dashboard
Accept multiple payment forms
80% of tenants prefer to pay electronically. ZiboPay enables tenants to pay rent via debit card, credit card or ACH transfer directly to your bank account
Manage all property accounts in one place
Get full visibility with all of your property bank accounts in one place. Tag transactions by property for Schedule E classification to simplify tax prep


After setting up a lease, you will receive a prompt to invite your tenant to Zibo. You’ll be asked to submit their name and email address which will generate an email inviting them to Zibo. Your tenant can follow the instructions in the email to get set up to pay rent directly to your account.

Like Cozy, Zibo allows you to collect rent online, but while Cozy charges $2.99 per unit per month for expedited payments, Zibo offers that for free. Zibo also enables you to deposit physical checks right into Zibo so you can manage both online and offline payments all in one place.

Zibo also provides a free FDIC-insured checking account with many built-in features customized just for landlords to make managing finances for rental properties easier than ever.

Yes, Zibo supports sole proprietorships, single-owner LLCs and single-member corporations.
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