Zibo is free for landlords
Is it really free?
Zibo’s mission is to level the playing field for independent landlords. Our core Zibo services are free—no monthly fees, no hidden fees. Unlike traditional banks that charge a myriad of fees,
Zibo makes money without charging you for these items.
We make money in two main ways
Banking and payments
We make a small percentage of card transactions and earn interest on account balances, which offset the costs of administering the account.
Connecting you with partners
We make a commission if you decide to work with one of our partners in lending, insurance, or other services.
Landlords earn 3.75x the national average interest rate (0.15% APY)* and pay zero monthly fees, zero processing fees, with no minimum balance requirements. FDIC Insured**
Zibo checking account for landlords
Monthly account fee
Bank transfer (ACH)
Mobile check deposit
Account opening minimum
Required monthly minimum balance
Daily overdraft fee
$5.00 / day
Stop payment
Returned item charge (check, debit)
$25.00 (per item)
Non-sufficient funds (NSF)
$25.00 (per item)
Tenant payment options
Bank transfer (ACH)
Debit and credit card payment
2.99% processing fee
We aim to be your one-stop shop for your real estate investment financial needs, giving you transparency and choice and fundamentally improving your experience with financial services.