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Forget paper checks. Pay rent online securely with Zibo.
Use flexible payment options and never pay a late fee again.

Safe and Secure
Chartered bank
Chartered Bank Partner
Security, Data & Privacy Protection
Invite your landlord to use Zibo today.
Pay rent online one month at a time or schedule monthly payments. Say goodbye to late fees and mailing paper checks.
Zibo uses state of the art, bank-level security (like 256-bit encryption) to keep your information safe.
You decide how to pay. Use a credit card, debit card or bank account.
Keep track of your payment history including your security deposit
You and the landlord are notified as soon as you’ve made a payment
Pay free with your bank account, or use a card for a small fee (2.99%)
Set it and forget it. Never worry about forgetting to send rent again
Make payments conveniently from your phone or computer
Earn rewards while paying with a credit card, processing fees apply.
In light of the current economic environment, Zibo is waiving card processing fees for rent payments made with credit and debit cards for a limited time. This offer applies only towards the first two rent payments for a single individual and may not be applied to security deposits or other payments. The maximum eligible reimbursement for a single transaction under this promotion is $120.
Why renters love Zibo


When your landlord signs up for Zibo they will generate an invitation that will go to your email address. You can sign up for Zibo by following the instructions on that invitation.

If your landlord hasn’t signed up for Zibo but you’d like them to. You can invite them to Zibo by filling out the form on the renter’s page of here.

Yes. Zibo offers renters the ability to pay with either a credit or debit card online. Renters can pay on a one time basis or can set up recurring payments. By enabling automatic payments, you no longer have to worry about remembering to pay your rent on time and can avoid late fees. You’ll pay a 2.99% convenience fee to pay your rent with a card. That means, for example, if your rent payment is $1,000, you’ll pay a $29.99 fee which will be added to your payment.

Your first Zibo payment is processed in 7 business days to ensure security for both landlords and renters. After that, all payments are processed in 2-3 business days.

Note that weekends and bank holidays are not business days, so please initiate payments 4-5 calendar days in advance of the due date to ensure they are paid on time.
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